Lifeboat (1st Issue)

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Lifeboat (2nd Issue)

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Date of Release: 25th October (November) 1983

Model Nr: TC-58
Acronym: TitaniC
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR44 (or SR44) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: Between 250,000-1,000,000 (USA & Europe Only)
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game A & Game B
Controls: Left and Right Buttons.
Other Buttons: Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm & ACL


In Lifeboat a fire breaks out on a luxury passenger liner. Your mission is to try to rescue the passengers abandoning ship by placing a lifeboat below them. The lifeboat can hold up to 4 people, so you need to offload passengers all the time by pulling the lifeboat towards the shore so the passengers can get off. Can you save them?

Game differences:

Game B uses 1 Lifeboat in stead of 2 Lifeboats. The lifeboat in game B can be pulled back and forwards between screens. Game B is only for professional lifesavers.


What is the actual release date? In the museum part of Nintendo's Game & Watch Gallery 2 for the Game Boy it says 25th November 1983 TC-58_Release1.JPG (75723 bytes), but in Game & Watch Gallery 3 is says 25th October 1983TC-58_Release2.JPG (75294 bytes).

Highest possible score is 999. When the score reaches 300 all misses are erased. If there are no misses scores are doubled until you get a miss.

Cheats and tricks:

Keep moving. There is always something to do. Try to keep the lifeboat as empty as possible as you never know when you need the space.


Score 1 point for every passenger that gets in the lifeboat and also 1 point for every passenger that arrives safely on the shore. (If a passenger arrives on shore at the same time a miss happens, no points are scored.)


When a passenger misses the lifeboat, he falls into the water and gets eaten by a shark. This is awarded by 1 miss. The same happens if the passenger tries to jump into a full (4 People max) lifeboat. With 3 misses (shown by 3 unhappy passengers in the upper right corner of the right screen), the game is over.

Other notices:

If you hold in Game A or Game B key the highest previous score will be displayed. If the unit is left as it is after game is over, time display will appear in about four minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing. Pressing ACL switch or removing batteries erases high score from memory.






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89.7 mm (W)
26 mm (H)
96 mm (D)


Net Weight:


150g (Including Batteries)


Accuracy of Clock:


Average daily differential within +/- 3 secs. (under normal temperature)


Working Temperature:


10C - 40C (50F - 104F)


Life of the Battery:


Approx. 6 months


Alarm-Set Sign:




Alarm-On Sign:


Man pours water when alarm is on




Game A - 999 by Marcel Reich (Unconfirmed)
Game B - 293 by Triple Q

To see the high scores please go HERE


Issue Differences (click to enlarge pictures)

The table will show how to tell the different Issues that were made:


Issue 1

Issue 2

Back Picture of OP-51, DK-52, DM-53, GH-54, JR-55, MW-56 & LP-57 Bar Code
Side Game & Watch Game & Watch
Edge Nintendo 1983 Nintendo
Inside flap No Serial nr. No Serial nr.


Serial nr.    
Data on back    


Front Page    
Back Page  TC-58_Batteries1_Front.JPG (64518 bytes) TC-58_Batteries1_Back.JPG (62802 bytes) TC-58_Batteries2_Front.JPG (58846 bytes) TC-58_Batteries2_Back.JPG (60473 bytes)

The battery covers seem to have a number on the back, but they seem to vary a lot and I won't even speculate what the difference is.


Box Variations (Click to enlarge):

CGL Futuretronics
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Pocketsize Ji21
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Tric O tronic VideoPoche




Mini Classic Carded


Carded_TC-58.jpg (172097 bytes)


Mego/Time-Out Other




Game Variations:

CGL CGL (with sticker)
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Futuretronics Other





Shipping Box:

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Fits 10 games


Instructions (English):

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Page 6                                Page 7
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Page 8                                Page 9
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Page 10                             Page 11
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Page 12                            Page 13
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Instructions (Japanese):

Pictures Wanted



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