Mario Bros.


Mario Bros. (1st Issue)

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Mario Bros. (2nd Issue)

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Date of Release: 14th March 1983

Model Nr: MW-56
Acronym: Mario W
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR44 (or SR44) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: More than 1,000,000 Worldwide
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game A & Game B
Controls: Mario Up, Down, Luigi Up, Down.
Other Buttons: Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm & ACL


In Mario Bros. you actually control 2 characters, Mario and Luigi. They are working in a bottling plant, loading cases on a conveyor belt and onto trucks.

Game differences:

Game B requires more coordination, technique and timing.


Highest possible score is 999. When the score reaches 300 all misses are cancelled. If there are no misses scores are worth double until you get a miss.

Cheats and tricks:

Can't think of anything at the moment.


Each case loaded on a conveyor get 1 point. Each truck loaded with 8 cases gets 10 points.


When a case is dropped the foreman gets angry and you score a miss. With 3 misses (shown by 3 Faces in the upper left corner of the right screen), the game is over.

Other notices:

If you hold in Game A or Game B key the highest previous score will be displayed. If the unit is left as it is after game is over, time display will appear in about five minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing. Pressing ACL switch or removing batteries erases high score from memory.





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89.7 mm (W)
26 mm (H)
96 mm (D)


Net Weight:


150g (Including Batteries)


Accuracy of Clock:


Average daily differential within +/- 3 secs. (under normal temperature)


Working Temperature:


10C - 40C (50F - 104F)


Life of the Battery:


Approx. 6 months


Alarm-Set Sign:




Alarm-On Sign:


Bell rings when alarm is on




Game A - 917 by Roz
Game B - 681 By Exclusive Chan

To see the high scores please go HERE


Issue Differences (click to enlarge pictures)

The table will show how to tell the different Issues that were made:


Issue 1

Issue 2

Back Picture of OP-51, DK-52, DM-53, GH-54 & JR-55 Bar Code
Side Game & Watch Game & Watch
Edge Nintendo 1983 Nintendo
Inside flap No Serial nr. No Serial nr.


Serial nr.    
Data on back    


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Blank Space
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Nintendo 1983
Back Page  MW-56_Batteries1_Front.JPG (62700 bytes) MW-56_Batteries1_Back.JPG (64223 bytes) MW-56_Batteries2_Front.JPG (63022 bytes) MW-56_Batteries2_Back.JPG (61054 bytes)

The battery covers seem to have a number on the back, but they seem to vary a lot and I won't even speculate what the difference is.


Box Variations (Click to enlarge):

CGL Futuretronics
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Pocketsize Ji21
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MW-56_Front_Ji21.jpg (75163 bytes) MW-56_Back_Ji21.jpg (80171 bytes)


tricOtronic VideoPoche
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Carded Mini Classics
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Mego/Time-Out Other (Pokka)







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Pokka is a Japanese Company that specializes in snacks, drinks etc. You can see their web-page at

This game was given out as promotion or a prize.


Game Variations:

CGL Futuretronics
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Ji21 Other (Pokka)
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Picture Courtesy of MikeDotBe

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Shipping Box:

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Fits 10 games


Instructions (English):

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Index                                  Page 1
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Page 2                                Page 3
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Page 4                                Page 5
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Page 6                                Page 7
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Page 8                                Page 9
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Page 10                            Page 11
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Page 12                             Page 13
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Instructions (Japanese):

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Index                                  Page 1
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Page 2                                Page 3
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Page 4                                Page 5
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Page 6                                Page 7
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Page 8                                Page 9
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Page 10                            Page 11
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Page 12                            Page 13
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Page 14                            Page 15
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Page 16                            Page 17
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Instruction Variations:

Ji21 tric O tronic
MW-56_Page1_Ji21.jpg (92292 bytes)  MW-56_Page16_Ji21.jpg (98891 bytes)


MW-56_Page1_tot.jpg (82542 bytes) MW-56_Page16_tot.jpg (73970 bytes)


MW-56_Page1_CSA.jpg (109560 bytes) MW-56_Page16_CSA.jpg (56096 bytes)






Other Paperwork:

Quick guide Quick guide (Japanese)
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