Mickey Mouse


Mickey Mouse (1st Issue)

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Mickey Mouse (2nd Issue)

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Mickey Mouse (3rd Issue)

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Mickey Mouse (4th Issue)

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Picture Wanted

Picture Wanted


Date of Release: 9th October 1981

Model Nr: MC-25
Acronym: MiCkey
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR43 (or SR43) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: More than 1,000,000 Worldwide
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game A & Game B
Controls: 4 Buttons (Up-Left, Down-Left, Up-Right, Down-Right)
Other Buttons: Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm & ACL


There are four hens. In each corner of the game one hen is sitting on its shelf. They're laying eggs all the time. The eggs are rolling down the shelves and you have to move Mickey Mouse who has a basket in his arms, so that the eggs fall in Mickey's basket.

Game differences:

In Game B eggs fall from 4 drops, whereas in Game A they only fall from 3 drops.


Maximum score is 999 and when the score reaches 200 or 500 points all misses are cancelled.

Cheats and tricks:

Minnie Mouse appears and disappears at 5-seconds intervals. If you miss when Minnie appears, you only score half a miss. As score increases, eggs fall with increasing speed, but slow down every 100 points before increasing in speed again. Try to use the slow points in the game to get your breath back.
Remember in Game A the 3 drops change according to the number of misses.


1 Point for every egg Mickey Mouse catches


You get one miss, if you let Mickey Mouse drop an egg. You will only score half a miss (Indicated by a flashing broken egg) if Minnie Mouse appears at the window. Three misses (shown as broken egg-shells with a chick in it) and the game ends.

Other notices:

If you hold in Game A or Game B key the highest previous score will be displayed. If the unit is left as it is after game is over, time display will appear in about five minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing.



















Game (1st Issue)


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Game (2nd Issue)

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Game (3rd & 4th Issue)

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112 mm (W)
67 mm (H)
11.5 mm (D)


Net Weight:


65g (Including Batteries)


Accuracy of Clock:


Average daily differential within +/- 3 secs. (under normal temperature)


Working Temperature:


10C - 40C (50F - 104F)


Life of the Battery:


Approx. 6 months


Alarm-Set Sign:




Alarm-On Sign:


Minnie Mouse swings bell when alarm is on



Game A - 999 (+778) By GeorgeW
Game B - 911 by GeorgeW

To see the high scores please go HERE


Issue Differences (click to enlarge pictures)

The table will show how to tell the different Issues that were made:


Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Issue 4

Front No Walt Disney Productions under game. No by Game & Watch label.

Walt Disney Productions under game. No by Game & Watch label.

Walt Disney Productions under game. No by Game & Watch label.

Walt Disney Productions under game. by Game & Watch label.


'Batteries Included' and 'Ages 5 and Up' written

Back Pictures of PR-21, OC-22, PP-23 and FP-24. Pat. Pend. No Pictures. Pat. Pend. No Pictures. Pat. Pend. No Pictures. Bar Code.
Side Game & Watch Game & Watch Game & Watch ?
Edge #6000 Nintendo 1981 #6000 Nintendo 1981 Nintendo 1981 ?
Inside flap Serial nr. matching game serial nr. Serial nr. matching game serial nr. No serial nr. ?


Serial nr. 06...... 13...... 18...... 182.....
Data on back MC-25_Data1.jpg (17046 bytes)
Nintendo Co.,Ltd. 1981
MC-25_Data1.jpg (17046 bytes)
Nintendo Co.,Ltd. 1981
MC-25_Data2.jpg (16081 bytes)
Nintendo 1981
Alarm & ACL MC-25_Game1_Buttons.JPG (62181 bytes) MC-25_Game2_Buttons.JPG (59243 bytes) MC-25_Game2_Buttons.JPG (59243 bytes) ?


Front Page PR-21_Page1b.jpg (67646 bytes)
Blank Space
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Blank Space
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Walt Disney Productions
Back Page PR-21_Page8b.jpg (45745 bytes)
Blank Space
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Printed in Japan
MC-25_Page8.jpg (19895 bytes)
Printed in Japan

The battery covers seem to have a number on the back, but they seem to vary a lot and I won't even speculate what the difference is.

Sometimes the game and/or box comes with a sticker on the back:


Box Variations (Click to enlarge):

CGL Futuretronics
MC-25_Front_CGL.jpg (157931 bytes) MC-25_Back_CGL.jpg (117010 bytes)


MC-25_Front_Future.jpg (154235 bytes) MC-25_Back_Future.jpg (92075 bytes)


Pocketsize Ji21 (1st Issue)
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Ji21 (2nd Issue) tricOtronic
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MC-25_Front_tricO.jpg (133464 bytes) MC-25_Back_tricO.jpg (157964 bytes)


Videopoche Mego/Time-Out






Carded Mini Classics








Game Variations:

CGL Futuretronics
MC-25_Game_CGL_Front.JPG (62405 bytes) MC-25_Game_CGL_Back.JPG (61931 bytes)


MC-25_Game_Future_Front.JPG (62499 bytes) MC-25_Game_Future_Back.JPG (61907 bytes)


Ji21 Mego/Time-Out
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Picture Courtesy of MikeDotBe




Mini Classics Candia



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Instructions (English):

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Page 1                                                     Page 2
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Page 3                                                     Page 4
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Page 5                                                     Page 6
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Instructions (Japanese):

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MC-25_Page2J-3J.jpg (158629 bytes)
Index                                                                Page 1
MC-25_Page4J-5J.jpg (173079 bytes)
Page 2                                                         Page 3
MC-25_Page6J-7J.jpg (182893 bytes)
Page 4                                                              Page 5
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Page 6                                                         Page 7
MC-25_Page10J-11J.jpg (184565 bytes)
Page 8                                                              Page 9
MC-25_Page12J-13J.jpg (169045 bytes)
Page 10                                                      Page 11
MC-25_Page14J-15J.jpg (174608 bytes)
Page 12                                                          Page 13
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Instructions Variations:

Ji21 tricOtronic
MC-25_Page1_Ji21.jpg (79143 bytes) MC-25_Page8_Ji21.jpg (82010 bytes)


Mc-25_Page1_tricO.jpg (67545 bytes) Mc-25_Page8_tricO.jpg (53644 bytes)


Videopoche Mego/Time-Out

Picture Wanted





French Italian
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Other Paperwork:

Quick guide