Popeye (1st Issue)

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Popeye (2nd Issue)

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Popeye (3rd Issue)





Date of Release: 5th August 1981

Model Nr: PP-23
Acronym: PoPeye
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR43 (or SR43) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: More than 1,000,000 Worldwide
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game A & Game B
Controls: Left & Right Buttons
Other Buttons: Game A, Game B, Time, Alarm & ACL


Olive throws spinach, bottles and pineapples from the top. You, Popeye, have to catch them by moving Popeye under the objects. That would not be very difficult, if Brutus didn't try to knock you down. 

Game differences:

In Game B, Brutus jumps back and forth from the boat on the right to the pier on the left. It's harder to avoid him.


Maximum score is 999 and when the score reaches 200 or 500 points all misses are cancelled.

Cheats and tricks:

As the score advances Olive throws more items, and her throwing speed increases, but slows down every 100 points before increasing in speed again. Try to use the slow points in the game to get your breath back.


1 Point for every time Popeye makes a catch.


You get one miss, if Brutus gets you. Also you get one miss for two dropped objects. Three misses (shown as empty spinach cans in the water) and the game ends.

Other notices:

If you hold in Game A or Game B key the highest previous score will be displayed. If the unit is left as it is after game is over, time display will appear in about five minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing.





Game (1st & 2nd Issue)


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Game (3rd Issue)

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112 mm (W)
67 mm (H)
11.5 mm (D)


Net Weight:


65g (Including Batteries)


Accuracy of Clock:


Average daily differential within +/- 3 secs. (under normal temperature)


Working Temperature:


10C - 40C (50F - 104F)


Life of the Battery:


Approx. 6 months


Alarm-Set Sign:



Alarm-On Sign:


Olive swings bell when alarm is on




Game A - 999 by Spinal
Game B - 999 by Spinal

To see the high scores please go HERE


Issue Differences (click to enlarge pictures)

The table will show how to tell the different Issues that were made:


Issue 1

Issue 2

Issue 3

Front Large Game & Watch Label and no . Large game picture.
No by Game & Watch label.

No by Game & Watch label.

Back Pictures of PR-21, OC-22 and FP-24 Pictures of PR-21, OC-22, FP-24 and MC-25 Pictures of PR-21, OC-22, FP-24 and MC-25
Side Game & Watch Game & Watch Game & Watch
Edge #6000 Nintendo 1981 #6000 Nintendo 1981 Nintendo 1981
Inside flap Serial nr. matching game serial nr. Serial nr. matching game serial nr. No serial nr.


Serial nr. 04...... 07...... 17......
Data on back      
Alarm & ACL PP-23_Game1_Buttons.JPG (60429 bytes) PP-23_Game1_Buttons.JPG (60429 bytes) PP-23_Game2_Buttons.JPG (59330 bytes)


Front Page Japanese Only PP-23_Page1.jpg (30101 bytes)
Blank Space
PP-23_Page1.jpg (30101 bytes)
Blank Space
Back Page Japanese Only PP-23_Page8.jpg (19197 bytes)
Blank Space
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Printed in Japan
Japanese Instructions PP-23_Page15Jb.jpg (73158 bytes)
3 games ad
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4 games ad

The battery covers seem to have a number on the back, but they seem to vary a lot and I won't even speculate what the difference is.


Box Variations (Click to enlarge):

CGL Futuretronics
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Pocketsize Ji21 (Issue 1)
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Ji21 (Issue 2) Tric O tronic
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Picture from MikeDotBe
PP-23_TricO_Front.jpg (114550 bytes) PP-23_TricO_Back.jpg (164612 bytes)


VideoPoche Mego/Time-Out






Carded Mini Classics







Game Variations:

CGL Futuretronics
PP-23_Game_CGL_Front.JPG (62132 bytes) PP-23_Game_CGL_Back.JPG (61941 bytes)


PP-23_Game_Future_Front.JPG (62625 bytes) PP-23_Game_Future_Back.JPG (62688 bytes)


Ji21 Mego/Time-Out
J21 Popeye front.jpg (72968 bytes)

Picture Courtesy of Nelson




Mini Classics Other







Alsthom Atlantique

PP-23_Game_Candia_Front.JPG (65122 bytes) PP-23_Game_Candia_Back.JPG (62070 bytes)


PP-23_Game_AA_Front.JPG (65064 bytes) PP-23_Game_AA_Back.JPG (64584 bytes)



Shipping Box:

Picture Wanted
Fits 10 games


Instructions (English):

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Page 1                                                       Page 2
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Page 3                                                      Page 4
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Page 5                                                       Page 6
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Instructions (Japanese):

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Index                                                                 Page 1
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Page 2                                                           Page 3
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Page 4                                                               Page 5
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Page 6                                                           Page 7
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Page 8                                                              Page 9
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Page 10                                                       Page 11
Popeye_PP-23_Page14a-15a.jpg (76948 bytes)
Page 12                                                          Page 13
Popeye_PP-23_Page16a.jpg (26810 bytes)

Instruction Variations:

Ji21 tricOtronic

PP-23_Page1_Ji21.jpg (72629 bytes) PP-23_Page8_Ji21.jpg (82865 bytes)


PP-23_Page1_TricO.jpg (58908 bytes) PP-23_Page8_TricO.jpg (46115 bytes)


Videopoche Mego/Time-Out






English (for the Japanese sold games) Other
PP-23_Page1_Eng1.jpg (129354 bytes) PP-23_Page8_Eng1.jpg (136050 bytes)






Other Paperwork:

Quick guide