Super Mario Bros.


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Plastic Famicom Case


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Date of Release: 19th August 1987

Model Nr: YM-901-S
Acronym: ?
Rating: DC3V 0.0002W
Battery: Alkali-Manganese batteries LR44 (or SR44) x 2
Manufactured: Japan
Sold: 10,000 were only given away as prizes
Nr. of players: 1
Lives: 3
Modes: Game
Controls: Up, Down, Left and Right Buttons. Jump Button.
Other Buttons: Game, Time, Alarm & ACL


bulletthe Koopas
bulletPrincess Toadstool
bulletBullet Bill
bullet1 up mushroom


This Super Mario Bros. (YM-901-S) is the most rare of the 3 Super Mario Bros. Games. Here you control the fate of Mario and his mission is to rescue the princess toadstool, who is captured by the King of the Koopa. There are 8 different worlds to conquer, some scroll from right to left and some are stationary timed screens. When the 8 worlds are cleared, the next 8 worlds await Mario (There are 9 set of loops). The Worlds are: 1. Canyon, 2. Gym, 3. Burning Room (Timer Screen), 4. Channel, 5. Hop, 6. Beam (Timer Screen), 7. Maze and 8. Burning Road. The enemies to watch out for are Lakitu, a henchman of Koopa who throws a hammer from the cloud to hinder the path of Mario and Bullet Bill who tries to hit Mario.

Game differences:

There is no Game B.


Maximum score is 9,999 and Maximum Loops & Worlds are L9-8 (9 loops and 8 worlds).
At every 1,000 points earned, 1 Mario is added (Up to 4 maximum)

Cheats and tricks:

After the Maze, you need to find the correct manhole cover to take you to the next level (If you don't you will have to do the maze level again). Maybe try the first manhole on the left? Wink, Wink. Know what I mean!!!!
You know how far you have left by looking at the 'distance' clock (counted down from 70).
Up and Down button are only used in level 4 (Channel) and after Maze level 7 (3-Choices for the manhole cover). If you eat a 1-up mushroom, an extra Mario is added (Max 4 Mario's) and the Starman if caught makes Mario invincible for 10 seconds.
If you press the JUMP button while pressing the GAME key and then releasing the GAME key you will automatically jump to ????????
The appearance of the 1-up mushroom has something to do with the distance and the appearance of the star has something to do with Lakitu and Bullet Bill.


Points are earned for distance Mario clears, when 1 world is cleared, when 1 loop is cleared, when bonus world is cleared and when the 1-up mushroom or star is caught.
If the bonus world is cleared within a set time, bonus points will be added in accordance with the number of loops cleared.


When Mario is hit by Bullet Bill, hit by the hammer dropped by Lakitu, touched by the flame, squashed against the left side edge of the screen caught in the maze, dropped through places where there are no floors and if the timer runs out in the 'timer' screens one miss is recorded. Once all lives of Mario have gone the game ends.

Other notices:

If you hold in the Game key the highest previous score will be displayed. If the unit is left as it is after game is over, time display will appear in about four minutes. A game is not interrupted even if TIME key or other game keys are depressed during game playing. Pressing ACL switch or removing batteries erases high score from memory.






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Inside Case
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Dimension:  ? mm (W)
                   ? mm (H)
                   ? mm (D)

Net Weight: ?g (Including Batteries)

Accuracy of Clock: Average daily differential within +/- 3 secs. (under normal temperature)

Working Temperature: 10C - 40C (50F - 104F)

Life of the Battery: Approx. 5 months

Alarm-Set Sign: Koopa appears

Alarm-On Sign: Koopa nods his head and spews fire when alarm is on

Hi-Score: Game - 1,994 by Torsten Lindh
                  Level - L3-8 by Torsten Lindh

To see the high scores please go HERE


Instructions (Japanese):

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Other Paperwork:

Certificate    Licence Card
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Is this the rarest Game and Watch? Maybe ! When it comes to number of units made, it is by far the most unusual, although I do see it around quite a lot.

It was given as a prize on the 19th August 1987. Well, in my opinion a must for a complete collection. It was something Nintendo brought out as a prize (10,000 were made). You needed to win a competition to get it.

Nintendo had 4 different Competitions.

Competition Nr.
Tournament Name
1. Golf Japan Course Tournament Special Gold Disc Card Golf_Japan.JPG (189030 bytes)
2. Gold US Course Tournament Special Gold Disc Card Golf.JPG (187048 bytes)
3. F-1 Grand Prix Tournament Special Game & Watch (YM-901-S) YM-901.JPG (63706 bytes)
4. 3D Hot Rally Tournament Special Stationary Kit YM-901_Stationary2.JPG (61472 bytes)


What exactly did you win:
(Note: If you know more about these games, please let me know)

1. Golf Japan Course Tournament


1. Golf Japan game Disc
2. Famicom plastic Case
3. White Box


Golf_Japan.JPG (189030 bytes)                                                   Golf_Japan_set.JPG (188366 bytes)


Golf_Japan_DiscA.JPG (169670 bytes)                                                    Golf_Japan_DiscB.JPG (171538 bytes)

Disc Side A                                                                                Disc Side B



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Picture courtesy of Paul



2. Gold US Course Tournament


1. Golf US course game disc
2. Famicom plastic Case
3. White Box


Golf.JPG (187048 bytes)                                                   Golf_Set.JPG (189271 bytes)


Golf_DiscA.JPG (169025 bytes)                                                    Golf_DiscB.JPG (171211 bytes)

Disc Side A                                                                                Disc Side B



3. F-1 Grand Prix Tournament


1. Game & Watch Special edition (YM-901-S)
2. Famicom plastic Case
3. White Box
4. Instructions for Super Mario Bros. (YM-901-S)
5. Winners Certificate
6. Licence card
7. F1 Race Game disc F1_Race_Disc_Front.JPG (59877 bytes) F1_Race_Disc_Back.JPG (59938 bytes)
8. F1 Race cover for game disc F1_Race_DiscCover_Front.JPG (61880 bytes) F1_Race_DiscCover_Back.JPG (61477 bytes)
9. F1 Race 76 page instruction booklet YM-901_Page1J.jpg (112507 bytes) YM-901_Page76J.jpg (65488 bytes)
10. Plastic box for F1 Race game and booklet Plastic_Box_Front.JPG (63470 bytes) Plastic_Box_Back.JPG (63421 bytes)


4. 3D Hot Rally Tournament


1. Special Nintendo Stationary Kit
2. Famicom plastic Case
3. White Box
4. Winners Certificate
5. 3D Hot Rally Game Disc Picture Wanted Picture Wanted
6. 3D Hot Rally cover for for game disc Picture Wanted Picture Wanted
7. 3D hot Rally instruction booklet Picture Wanted Picture Wanted
8. Plastic box for 3D Hot Rally  game and booklet Plastic_Box_Front.JPG (63470 bytes) Plastic_Box_Back.JPG (63421 bytes)


YM-901_Stationary1.JPG (61288 bytes)                                                    YM-901_Stationary2.JPG (61472 bytes)

Stationary Kit (See Nintendo Logo on items)                                           Stationary Kit   


Stationary_Kit.JPG (192426 bytes)                                                    Loose.JPG (187755 bytes)


YM-901_Leaflet1.JPG (69843 bytes)

Stationary Kit Certificate



General Pictures


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